Modeling, texturing, animation.

We can create 3D models for both – static visuals and video graphics. We would develope the 3D model of your product, which you could use in print advertising, on the website and in video advertising. One of the latest areas of 3D application is 3D projections. More about them >>.

Some of our latest 3D projecs

3D Cube test drive

3D pixel test drive

1-Trailer LED screen animation

1-Trailer LED screen animation

Copper Kettle 3D animation by Pixel House

Copper Kettle 3D video presentatiom

Miory Steel 3D logo animation

Miory steel 3D logo animation

Aurika 3D animations

Aurika 3D animations

GoodYear Tire 3D animations

GoodYear Tire 3D animation

Gliner Cans 3D animations

Glinter 3D animations of cans

Logo and other 3D animations

Logo and other 3D animations

Our team is ready to turn your ideas into 3D pixels.

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